Eric and Sherry St.Clair
13433 Falls of Rough Rd.
Falls of Rough, KY 40119
Mobile: (270)617-1079


Hello and welcome to the St. Clair Farms website

We hope you enjoy the slide show consisting of various pictures of our family, farm and cattle.

Here at St. Clair Farms, we prioritize our lifestyle as such: faith, family, farm and fun. We strongly believe that God blesses all with gifts and talents and we strive to use our talents to support our family and business. I am the fourth generation St. Clair to run cattle on our family farm but the first to breed registered Angus cattle. We have experienced every aspect of cattle production from feedlot, back rounding, cow-calf, and seed-stock production.

We currently have approximately 120 registered Angus cows and 60 commercial cows. In addition to raising cattle, growing corn, soybeans, alfalfa, triticale, and rye grass keeps us very busy. We utilize these forages to produce highly productive cattle that adapt well to various environmental conditions.

At weaning time, our bulls and heifers are performance-tested on a forage-based diet with a minimal amount of commodities added. This allows our cattle to efficiently utilize large quantities of fiber and acclimate to fescue pastures and hay.

When selecting AI sires for mating, we carefully inspect all EPD, pedigree, and AHIR data. The majority of the bulls selected have high accuracy rates and proven offspring in production. To ensure an improvement in our genetic base from year to year, I estrus synchronize every female at breeding time and artificially inseminate every cow and heifer.

We also collect carcass data using ultra-sonogram, thus keeping the end product in mind. Our ultimate goal is to produce a low-to-moderate birth weight bull, with high weaning and yearling weights. These bulls must also carry strong maternal and carcass traits. Our females must to flesh easy, breed early and milk well. We monitor feet, legs, udders and dispositions closely.

To get a better idea of our cattle, we encourage you come by and visit our farm. Visitors are always welcome.